Sujani Hansanali

Mar 20, 2020

4 min read
Mysterious island is teeming with life

The world’s newest, mysterious Island has appeared.

Scientists are unlocking the secrets of world’s newest mysterious island.

NASA scientists have visited a rare new island.

“Tonga” is the kingdom where this mysterious, little island exists
New island formed by “Hunga Tonga — Hunga Ha’ apai” eruption
It is “Hunga Tonga- Hunga Ha’apai “

You may in a hurry to know the name of this unbelievable place. It is sprung into existence in Tonga, in the South — Pacific. Unofficially, it is called as “Hunga Tonga- Hunga Ha’apai” (HTHH). It became visible to satellites in 2015 after 2014 eruption. When the smoke cleared, the Tonga island was visible.

Who stepped on it?

Observations in the brand new island.

“We were all like giddy school children” said by Dan Slayback. The scientists have been pretty interested in observing this unbelievable landscape

“It really surprised me how valuable it was to be there in person for some of this”. The scientist, Slayback comments.

It’s amazing….“Tonga is teeming with life”

World’s newest island is covered with mysterious mud and vegetation.