Quarantine Lanterns

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Little Vesak lanterns with

colorful mosaic of vibrant papers

are still rustling rhythmically

in this moonlit night

I saw, its dazzling display

at a glance

It’s mesmerizing

The tiny lantern shimmers brightly

through clay oil lamps

It creates a sparkling little star

inside the tiny quarantine lantern

wind, slightly blows

shadows of the lanterns

dances happily with the slight wind

It’s Quarantine

The lanterns are still glittering

Lanterns, you paint

this quarantine with vibrant colors

Suddenly, the wind starts blowing hardly

I saw, the crunchy vibrant papers

struggling to survive

They are still surviving

moving side to side

until the oil lamp makes

a great fire inside the tiny lantern

It will burn

It will burn until the colorful papers

become so dark and useless

It’s the life

Little lantern, Is it you who teaches

the lesson “inevitability” to the world?

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Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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