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OH, Who are “Coronidiots”?

Rome is no longer romantic

New York isn’t massively crowded

Chinese wall feels lonely without footsteps

White marbles waiting to shine brightly

Sigiriya isn’t viewing unique frescoes

Dim streetlamps give melancholy tone

Humans have been caged

experiencing bitter realities of monotony

trying to beat the loneliness

Power, wealth sarcastically awaits,

Humanity spreads vibrant fragrance

Human are no longer

show off their mood swings

through the fatal face masks

Nature strictly watches

Shows no mercy for the mankind

She asks from you again and again

Are you all masters of the world?

blue sky, green forests, high mountains,

smiling waterfalls and long rivers

can exist freely without you” she warns.

you can’t act as a boss anymore.

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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