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Get rid from your Holiday Stress

How to beat your “Holiday Stress”?

10 exciting ways to find relief and feel free during your holidays.

Are you really enjoying your holidays? Did you remember the way that you had spent the last holidays? How was it?

Can you define the word “Holiday”? We will see how your answers are. ‘holidays mean relax’, ‘they are my favorite days’, ‘I am yearning for holidays’, ‘I really love holidays’. Yes, your definitions may vary from each other. Holiday is a time when someone does not go to work or school, but it is free to do what they want. Are you going to do nothing in your holidays? No, you should do something. What’s that “something”? Yes, let’s go ahead.

What are the productive activities that you can engage easily in your holidays? I don’t tell you to work again. NO, I don’t really mean that. It’s so interesting to spend your holiday with these easy tips.

I am sure, you have games, videos, films, TV series……. books if not novels. Are you really interested with them? what are the other options that you have? We will see how it works with you.

“AM time”?

What is this AM time? If it is a holiday, you normally like to sleep until afternoon. Then, you may get up at around 11 or 12’O clock. It’s your holiday routine. If you feel lazy to wake up, then you may get ready to sleep again. Are you.

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Wake up! It’s afternoon.

Think for a moment, true, it’s a holiday. But, you can wake up at 7 a.m. because, if you wake up late, you will feel so bored during the whole day. You won’t do anything productive during that day. First, you should get up early but, not so early like your working days. It’s you who can decide your AM time. Don’t miss your AM time because it will minimize your productivity throughout the whole day.”

“Free skills”

I am typing as fast as I can

Are you an expert in typing? What does you can practice from your desktop keyboard? You can use it to practice fast typing. If you are a one hand typer, can’t you try to use both hands? Be fastest as you can.

You will have the ability to learn new vocabulary. It will be useful for you. Don’t take it as hard. Learn at least 5 words for a day, when you are free. It is a good investment. If not, you can learn to cook. Try to follow recipes exactly at first Third, can you try to make paper collage? Try it, with using eye catching styles. Demonstrate it on your living room, dining room or any place you like. You may feel proud about yourself.

Idea for a “Start -Up”

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I am ready for it.

I am sure, the word is so familiar with you. As you are living a technological world, you can start something new with your knowledge. It’s your holiday. Start ups are designed to grow fast. Strongly keeping your vision for your business and planning for the “end” will make your idea so productive in near future. “think -big” and don’t hesitate to ask the help from the experts if you need. How would you go about deciding which type of activity is good fit for you personally? Yes, your preferences are different. Let’s focus on other holiday tips.

A visit for a place you like

Why do we travel? We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. You can go any place that you like to go in your holidays. Plan first. Where to go? What to bring? The only thing you want is to take a break. Then, get maximum advantage from it. Enjoy a lot with nature during your holidays. Such trips to new places will be another interesting experience in your life. Make your life filled with adventures.

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Build or fix something in your home

Go around home. In your working days, it’s so hard to allocate time for such works. You can see, broken tables, chairs etc. If not, you can repair the fans. But, you should be careful in doing such works with the instruments. Can you try to make a small bench using woods? Yes, it will really be useful. You can polish the doors, windows in your home during your holidays. It will add beauty to your residence.

Learn a new language

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A new language is a different vision of life. You can see the real beauty of the world through languages. And also, it makes you a rare opportunity to understand its cultures. In your holidays, you can try to learn another language. What will help you? We can use new media for that. There are so many apps that we can use for them. You have freedom to choose the language you want.

“To have another language is to posses a second soul”

Visit to a friend’s home

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In holidays, you have the freedom to go anywhere. Then, you can go and meet your old friends. They will memorize you about the crazy stories that you had with them. You can laugh a lot with them. Not only that, conversations with the close friends make you feel so fresh and funny. Listen to their jokes and have lot of fun during your holiday

More attention to physical health

In your working days, most of the times, you skip your meals especially; you may skip your breakfast. It is so important fact to remind you because being healthy is so significant. Eat your favorite foods and make new types of food, if you are interested in cooking. Are you engaging in exercises everyday? If yes, it’s so good. But, you can start doing it during this holiday period. Do jogging, walking and use the exercising instruments if you have.

Pick up a cool hobby

You can pick up a hobby that will help your future carrier. There are two types of hobbies as expensive hobbies and inexpensive or free hobbies. What are they? Hiking, volunteering, creative writing, doing origami, sightseeing and yoga are some cool hobbies that you can engage in. Remember, they act as a great stress reliever. Hobbies enrich your perspective and help you to grow spiritually. Select an interesting hobby and make your holidays more productive with it.

Get a part time job

Are you looking for extra cash? You can do it even in your holidays, you can follow a part time job. It will become an extra income for you. Some companies in the world are hiring seasonal workers and you can join with them. Have you updated about the online jobs? Yes, you can apply for them all over the world. Try new opportunities and explore the world.

Then, don’t spend your holidays sitting around bored with doing nothing. Don’t waste your precious days off. Now, you can plan how you spend your holidays and make your break memorable, productive and fun.

You will have a meaningful and joyful holiday ahead.

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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