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How are you going to live in a world without colors?

Colors have another life. It’s closely connected with you and you are still living with it.

How many colors do you know? Can you name them for a moment? Have you preferred to one color among them? Wow! What is it? Why do you like that color most? Did anyone force you to select it as your favorite? No, then I want to know, how do you select it?🤔 The best color is the one that makes you happy.

Colors decide our choices in life. Recollect the way that you select the dresses when you go shopping. Are you going to buy a dress of any color? Probably, you may ask them for more colors sometimes. “This color won’t suit me. Can you show me a light colored one?”

Yes, it’s real you. You may have the same experience. Even though, the dress fits you nicely and it looks so gorgeous, you are not satisfied with it. Can you tell me the reason? In my opinion, it is due to its color. Are you agree with that? yes, Colors have the power to decide your choices.

“Colors speak all the languages”

-John Addison 1672–1719

I am sure, you may wonder about it. Colors don’t know the boundaries and limitations and also it is common to all the races and religions. People who speak any language can dress according to his will. There’s no restriction for it. Colors add freedom to your life. Yes, you can enjoy your life with those colors. “Color is a power which directly influences your soul”. How does the colors affect our souls? Is it true? Think for a moment. It suggests who you are.

In literature, the theme of ‘color’ plays a major role. What do you know about it? Let’s focus on this interesting topic. Red color symbolizes the aggression and intensity in most of the novels. What about the novel ‘Jane Eyre’? When little Jane is locked in the “red room” she faints out due to the fear of ghosts. It dramatically reminds the reader about its danger. Is yellow your favorite color? In literature, yellow is a joyous color which is associated with happiness, intellect and energy. Holden in “Catcher in the Rye” describes himself as “yellow” when he means that he is cowardly. As you have already known, white represents the innocence, virginity and purity. So, the vigilant readers are pretty concerned about the colors because sometimes colors give breath to the human feelings or thoughts in literature.

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Is it your Calendar app? Are you using colors like this?

Colors are just like an alarm. Are they ringing like your alarm clock? No, then why do we define it as an alarm? I am asking you a favor now. Take your mobile and see your background picture. You have probably applied a photo that consists with your favorite colors. Not only that, how many days do you highlight in your calendar? You may highlight most important days with red color as I do. It makes the dates easy to remember. You may use your favorite colors to underline the holidays. Yes, it’s you who live with colors. Have you ever thought about that?🤔

Live with colors because colors may remind you that you are living. They will paint your life and will make your life easy and cosy. Dream in color that you have never seen.

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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