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How are you going to define “Daydreaming”?

Three most important tips that you need know about “Daydreaming”

Daydreams keep your life goals in focus

You shouldn’t ignore the daydreams. They are really bound with your life goals. It is your memory in action.

I live in my daydreams, in music

-Albert Einstein

When you are travelling lonely in a bus🚌, you just take your headphones🎧 out and listen to one of your favorites. Then, you are living with the song for a few minutes while daydreaming. I am sure, you are smiling now🙂🙂 Have you ever experienced it?

It’s a doorway to awake your creativity

What can you gain through daydreaming?🤔 You can get only a mental satisfaction for a moment. FALSE, daydreaming is so powerful than you imagine.

The power of the daydreams is similar to the power of the well-made

Movies that can make you cry or make you laugh.

-Scott Adams

Daydreams provides you a new hope

How many lives do you have?🤔 Yes, your answer may be different. Some may give the answer as “two lives”. how is that? The one is in their heads and the real one. That’s why some people love to spell it like.

See it as a “Daydream” until you make it “REAL”.

When you finish reading the article, just think about the daydream that you have had today. What it actually means? It will have the ability to change the direction of your life💪

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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