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Can you imagine? Languages has magical powers

Have you tried to use“Language as a Vehicle” to find the way you are?

JUST, try to grasp the meaning. It’s the way we are. One speaks a language that is far more different than another. How it feels when you know more than three languages? Yes, it will give you another vision to see your life.

Let’s think about it a bit.

When speaking, you can find one sociable and one shy? Are we born this way? It’s so interesting to start such a discussion because it helps you to find the way you are. How are we different from the animals? But, it’s sure that we are different from the computers. Then, there is something hidden. Just guess it. A number of answers may come to your mind pretty easily.


Which things about ourselves can we change? What we should embrace?

“Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao, Ola”

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Are you ready to say “Hello”

When I ask you to say “hello” using more languages other than your language, can you do it? Human language is the most precious gift that nature offers for the whole mankind. That’s how we differ from the other animals.

A second soul

Learning a language is not only a way of finding new, different words for the same thing. It will give you a second soul. How interesting it is to learn about the other cultures and attitudes? Language is the road map of a culture. You can exchange more with others. You can share your knowledge, experiences and attitudes with them. It will make you so close to each other. You can improve yourself through it.

“With languages, you are at home anywhere”

There are no limits for your language. Use languages to make someone’s life better.

It is so hard to imagine without the language. But, I think almost all the human thoughts don’t require language. What do you feel about it? Yes, if the thoughts require language, how they made the masterpieces like “Mona Lisa”? Did those masterpieces take language? think a bit.

Have you heard about the “Self-empowering language”? sometimes, you use the words “I should, must” etc. Through those words you may feel bored. what can you replace instead such words? Why can’t we use “I prefer to, I want to, and I like to”. Just change the way you see through language. Words are a magic. You have the ability to play with that magic.

Your life depends on how you do it with the language.

See the world through different visions and try to use “language” as a vehicle for examining “the way you are”.

Language travels the world.

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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