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Have you heard the sudden warning done by the Rain Forests? 🌳

They could flip to emitting carbon in 15 years.

It’s a very difficult moment for those who know, love and work in Amazonia.

-Says Eduardo Goes Neves an archaeologist at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Have you heard about the quick warning done by the Rain forests? We have been informed just before few weeks about the matter we are handling today. What is it?🤔 Are you in a hurry to know about it?

You have to take a quite walk with mother nature for a few moments. Can you? Where will we go? Yes, we have to get a quick walk towards the rain forests today as they are going to warn us about a great problem. Do you know? The tropical rain forests store vast amount of carbon dioxide and they play a significant role in the world’s carbon cycle. But, the pathetic condition is, humans are producing too much carbon dioxide for forests to absorb.

“Intact forests are playing a large role in absorbing the CO₂ we are emitting” says Benjamin Gaubert, a scientist with the National center for Atmospheric Research.

What is this research about?

Tropical forests are well known as a vital carbon absorber in the world. Amazon and Congo rain forests are the lungs of the world. What do you know about “carbon sequestration”? I will simply explain it using one sentence. It is the process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing them in trees.

What is this Carbon Cycle?
What is this Carbon Cycle?
Carbon cycle

A global research team led by the University of Leeds, has revealed the world that the ability of the world’s tropical forest to remove carbon from the atmosphere is decreasing. They have done a massive study tracking 300,000 trees over 30 years.

They have published it in the journal “Nature”. The researchers monitored tree growth, and the mortality details from undisturbed forests across 11 countries in Africa. They compared the data that they have taken from such forests with the Amazon rain forest and they took similar measurements for the investigation.

“By combining data from Africa and the Amazon, we began to understand why these forests are changing, with carbon dioxide levels, temperature, droughts and forest dynamics being key”.

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World distribution of tropical rain forests

“It is important to get a clear sense where and why this carbon uptake is happening, because this helps us to make targeted and informed decisions about forest management” says Tom Pugh, a scientist.”

The forests around the world still can’t keep up with the sheer volume of the global warming gas being emitted through the human activities. Overall, the uptake of carbon into Earth’s intact forests peaked in the 1990s. They are rapidly losing their ability to absorb CO₂ from the green house gas emissions and especially the Amazon forest is at high risk.

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The researchers estimated that carbon sink capacity of the African forests will decline 14% by 2030. In the Amazon, the forest’s carbon sink capacity is predicted to reach to the level of “zero” by 2035. And also, the research team has investigated their data to model tree loss patterns over the next 20 years.

“Our analysis of trees across Amazon, involving 321 plots, 30 years, eight nations and almost 500 people”.

“In 2005 and again in 2010, drought reversed the enormous sink provided by the Amazon rain forest killing millions of trees.”

How helpless the rain forests are? 😔 They are still helping the humanity to survive. What did you do for them? Yes, think deeply about it for a moment.

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Amazon Rain forest fire 🌲💔

It is well said that, as tropical forests grow, they pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and they perform a great, enormous services to the humanity and the planet. What did you do for them? what are you doing for them? and what will you do for them in future?

After all, what you should do for their existence?🤔 We need reforestation.

“After years, of work deep in the Congo and Amazon rain forests, we have found that one of the most worrying impacts of climate change has already begun.” the researchers said.

Now, you can decide whether you continue your walk further or not.

Your survival on planet is depend on them because they are the lungs of the planet. They worked for the humanity and for countless other creatures.

Don’t let mother of nature become a “Once Upon a Time”. 💚

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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