Happy Women’s Day

Image by Unsplash

Wise daughters make the fathers proud with amazing talents

Open-hearted little souls who are sleeping on father’s lap

Marvelous and endless stories throughout the day, until they go to bed

Adorable, shining smiles and dances with little frocks

Now my daughter hastily comes to hug me with her little doll

Wonderful sisters take care each other

Oh! Sometimes, brothers forget to make their sisters happy

Many little conflicts with siblings, but it’s only for few minutes

An angel who always with your side when you feel sad

Now my sister is waiting to hug me

Worthiest gift in your life is your mother

Observe everything in your life with a calm mind

Mother is the most beautiful queen, we’ve ever seen

Always with you, when you feel alone, dedicates her life for you

Now my mother embraces me, no matter how old I am

Words are not enough to explain about you grandma

Old, but always comfort me with the usual smile

Making tasty foods for all the grandchildren

A woman who reads fairy tales for her grand daughters and sons

Now only her memories stay with us

WOMAN is the pretty soul who always stand with your side

She feeds you, comforts you and makes you happy

She never expects valuable gifts from her children

They are the worthiest asset in the world

Happy Women’s Day!

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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