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Ever wondered about labeling your personality?

Would you like to consider your personality as an introvert or extrovert? Have you ever thought about the personality type within you? Yes, you might be. So, we will find out where you sit on that continuum.

Are you interested in dancing at the parties till late nights? Or Are you preferred to shut the door of your room and to be alone?

I will give you a few seconds to recollect your preferences, habits or likes and dislikes for a’s more complicated than you may realize.We will go ahead.

Today, I am going to reflect your personality type just in front of you.

Are you ready to see how you are and how fantastic your personality is?

Beauty of socialize vs beauty of silence

Your family members are nicely dressed to go for a night party today. It may be full of interesting events. Your own sister is matching her jewellery with her dress and enthusiastically waiting to go for it. But,you really feel like,

Who wants the party? 🥳
My inner world is with me 🙂

Think, you normally stay at home. The mood within you is far more different than them. And you don’t like such social events.why? Can you guess the reason?

The introverts recharge them being alone while the extroverts see the real beauty within them through socialization.

Do you prefer taking “shortcuts” in decision making?

Introverts spend more time on decision making and they are actually like the “long travelling paths”. They want to think a lot on what they are going to do. But, the extroverts are quick decision makers. In a nutshell, they have a great willingness in taking “shortcuts”. 🤔

Let’s focus on this calculation. Are you wondered, how it will be?

Would you prefer to spell 2 ⨉ 5 = 10 or do you want to spell it as 5 ⨉ 2 =10?

The first one, you have to spell more time to come to the answer 10 but; the second one you get the same answer quickly than that. Remember,it’s only a change of the position of the numbers. The distinctions between the short and the long decision makers are like that.

How about you? If it is for me, I will select 5 ⨉ 2. ARE YOU?

Extroverts sparkle, Introverts glow

Extroverts are fireworks

Introverts are fire in the hearth.

— Sophia Dembling

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You may be wondering for a moment on what I have told above. It’s the two different learning styles within the introverts and the extroverts. Introverts love to be with their inner world. They get their whole world in their heads.

I want to does it feel for you?

The extroverts’ world is in their hands. They prefer in doing something physically and they are willing to act on it. Can you remember the way that you are studying for your exams? Are you an extrovert? It’s you who can decide who you are.

Do you prefer constantly chatting with people?

  • I want to ask a favor from you. Would you? C
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Do you know? The extroverts want to maintain close bonds with the people around them. But, the introverts have a few people around them because they aren’t interested in constant communication.

Where is your headset now? I can imagine, some of you are listening to loud music while you are reading this. That’s the nature of extroverts.

What are you going to do this weekend?

The introverts and extroverts see “the weekend” in a different manner. When it comes to us, we are so tired of working all over the week and all are yearning for a little rest.

How do extroverts consider their weekend? They are going to plan trips or day outs in order to make it worthwhile for them.

Have you really enjoyed your weekend being alone at home and reading newspapers or any other books while sitting on your arm chair?

It is with lots of enthusiasm that I share in writing and it will encourage you to reflect on your personality type. It is true that we will have different facets in life. Remember, whatever personality you posses;

BEING YOURSELF is the most important asset.

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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