Don’t let the wind be hard

My experience of the cyclone

The little raindrops add a rhythm to the gloomy evening

I just peep through the window

The sky hides all the vibrant clouds

It isn’t dressed in orange, blue, purple, and pink colors

The dark black clouds bravely conquered the evening sky

The wind blows slowly and asks the dry leaves to fall first

Suddenly, it becomes so violent and rude

All the trees in the garden are whirling, rotating, and screaming

The little cashew fruits start falling one by one

I am wondered

A lush green branch in the mango tree has fallen

I tightly hold my mom’s hand

I heard, my neighbors’ scream

Their houses were hardly damaged

Giant wind, where did you come from?

I saw a tall tree in my garden fell down

The violent wind is still blowing badly

No vehicles on the road right now

All are in their safety cages

Wind, don’t blow hardly

You are not powerful as you think, don’t be proud

It was a dreadful cyclone, I’ve ever seen

Don’t let the wind be hard

The trees nod their heads with silence

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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