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Autumn Sun is Rising

Autumn sun is rising

over the tranquil valleys

It’s where the magic happens

sun is peeping through the steamy clouds

and bounces at a glance

shimmering like

a golden apple in autumn

I am sill stepping towards

the calm and quiet countryside

where the breathtaking magic happens

nature is painted with red, orange and yellow

she proudly smiles through

her red thick lips

and shining makeups

trees feel so relaxed

golden rays of the morning sun

falls into sunbaked leaves

they are sparkling as red beacons

I am crawling like a snail

on the colorful

mosaic of crunchy leaves

I am still enjoying the

delicious cheese toasties smell

I feel like a yellow, crunchy leaf

in autumn

who happily dances

with the blowing wind

Suddenly, I saw the dried red leaves

fallen down one after the other

like little birds flying everywhere

I sit on an old bench

which is conquered by

thousands of autumn leaves

wind whispers me

you are like a crunchy leaf

after your life ends.

Autumn, it’s you who teaches

this life lesson for the world.

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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