Are You Busy? Surprisingly Apply Super Achiever’s Secret “80/20 Ratio”

G️et rid of your busy life!🙇‍♀️

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What is the secret behind being Ultra- Productive? Exactly, it’s your work capacity.

Working! working! working throughout the whole day. Are you really satisfied with what you are doing? Is it heavy for you? Are you sure about your productivity?

It’s true that, you have focused on your works for 24 hours. Sometimes, you may not get a proper sleep. Think, for a moment. Do you think that all most all the people in the world are working like you? Exactly, NOT. Then, what’s the secret behind them?

Come on, you aren’t late.

You can easily adjust with it. It will work well with your life. This exciting principle will make you an ultra-productive person. How we are going to achieve it?


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More done with Less effort”

What is this 80/20 ratio? How do we apply a calculation for the real life? Keep your curiosity until the end. Yes, you have a problem. Is this authentic? If not, is it ideal? Well, this ratio has amazing power.

“I am so busy today, don’t let anyone to enter my room”. How many times did you spell the phrase “I am busy”? Think, what did you mean by “busy”? You are interacted more with the society every day. Most of the people appear to be busy all day but seem accomplish very few. Are you working like that? yes, may be.

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I should use the technology to be a smart worker

You don’t need to work longer; you just need to work smarter. Ultra- productive people have this knowledge to choose the smartest way.

The great secret

“The 80/20 principle can and should be used by every intelligent person in their daily life”

Richard Koch, the author of “The 80/20 individual”, an extraordinary successful entrepreneur.

The 80/20 principle shows how we can achieve much less effort and time by focusing our efforts on the 20% that really counts.

I know, it sounds impossible for you.

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Simply it means “MORE done with LESS effort”. Addition to that, 20% of our time accounts for 80% of the work we accomplish. Here are some common examples that you can easily identify the particular principle.

20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results

20% of input creates 80% of the output

20% content cause 80% of website traffic

20% bugs cause 80% of the crashes

How amazing it is to apply it for your works? Thus, the rule can help the business owners and ordinary people for a better life and time management. Before starting a task, you should think that, ‘Is this work in the top 20% of my activities?’ It has the ability to improve our carriers and companies.

How are you getting this ratio aligned in your life?

Multi-taskers, is it you?

If you want to be ultra- productive, stop multi-tasking. Yes, it is true that, you can easily chew gum while walking. You can send emails during a meeting. But, what is your prime- purpose? Remember, don’t let your focus to move anywhere. Being unstoppable is crucial fact for your life. Studies have found that multi-tasking reduces your productivity by 40%.

You are not a robot

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I want a break now, I am tired of working

The computer has the ability of running of two or more programs in the same time. We use our brain power. When you start something, you can’t continue it throughout the whole day. Getting proper INTERVALS or BREAKS will help you to increase your work performance.

Eat the frog

It may sound impossible for you. What is that? yes, it refers to “eat the biggest one first”. Simply it means, you should work at your most important and most difficult task first.

You should select 20% of items that are most important for you. It can be shown as “vital few”. Then, what about other 80%? It contributes less to the success. Don’t busy yourself with the least important. Be careful in using this idea! This is also known as the “Pareto principle”.

The secret behind the work performance is not pulling in more hours. It’s your work capacity.

Fewer hours better executed lead you to the goal.

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Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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