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How dreadful the deadlines are?

Are Deadlines really Deadly?

Exactly, the deadlines are so dreadful!

Have you ever missed a deadline? How did it feel for you? How were your feelings? Was it so fearful? Just, awake that memory for a few seconds. I had the same experience and I know how dreadful it was.

Deadlines are the lifeblood of performance or fulfillment. What will happen if you miss a deadline? How it feels like when you fail again? Guess it. Are these deadlines really dreadful?

Why not? Absolutely, they are dreadful.

Then, how are you going to face it? If you follow the wrong way, it will never show you the easiest ways to overcome it. Yes, it’s not complex as you imagine. What do you do to meet the deadlines?

Ask “When”

Remember the time. WHEN?

It’s the time we are always dealing with. How awesome to struggle with a “time frame” for the accomplishment? I know, you are still dealing with something related to your career even in this second. So, how are you going to treat the deadlines?

“20th January is the deadline”.

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struggling with the time frame

Always remember to consider ‘when I am going to finish it?’ Don’t depend on what amount of work you are dealing with. You can figure out what amount of work you have done according to the “time frame”.

Oil in water

Have you heard the word “procrastination”? YES, It’s your enemy. Simply, it refers to the action of delaying or postponing something. When you postpone your work for the next day, it won’t perfectly mix with what you have already done. Because, delaying makes you weak. It won’t match with your time frame. The work that you postponed today is like ‘oil in the water’.

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It’s estimated that more than 80% of college students procrastinate on their projects until the last minute.

Just talk to yourself. “A strong time frame” will make you so energetic in facing the dreadful deadlines.

Maintaining a To-Do-List is one of the best tips that I have found when facing the deadlines. Remember, never move the deadline because it’s a must. After setting a strong deadline for the work, you can start making the list of the tasks and then divide the tasks into smaller activities.

Back-Up plans

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you need a back-up plan

It is clear that, everything doesn’t always follow the plans. Various types of accidents may happen. Though there are many reasons to miss your deadline, don’t do it. NO, don’t skip it.

Back -up plans are plan in case something bad happens. Think, if you are sick and you won’t be able to continue your project. Then, the deadlines will be a great trouble for you.

But, if you have a back-up plan, you know what to do next.

It will help you for your accomplishment. Sometimes, you skip some tasks thinking that they are easy and so simple to handle. Giving an equal attention for every part of the work is really good for deadline management.

Most of us don’t understand the real depth of some tasks and find it so easy. When the deadlines come so near, you may blame something or someone else without taking its responsibility. Yes, it’s you who are always engaging in it.

Now, change it, Deadlines aren’t so Dreadful than you thought.

Just start following your deadlines and remember the impact is with you.

Written by

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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