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Moon is shining brightly displaying her golden rays
The yellow-colored little stars start waving their tiny hands
The tiny twigs in the tree hastily respond by moving right to left
I saw, the calm wind slowly touches the dark red leaf buds
I am still sitting under the huge tree

Suddenly, the darkness spreads its all powers
A gang of dark clouds hides the golden clusters of the moon for a moment
I heard only the sound of the stream near the tree
It’s the sound when the blue waters hit the black boulders in the stream
I wondered; the golden rays start appearing…

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Bright colored vibrant feathers are still waiting to feel the soft wind
Raise his little curved beak
Carefully flies inside the tiny cage
which has been strongly built by the owners

The singing bird is looking at the yellow-colored mangoes on the tree
which smell so fresh and pure
The bird is dreaming of a place with no strong boundaries
where he can freely fly with his colorful feathers
The song that he sings is about the wonders of nature
He only sees every breathtaking wonder in his nightmares
He sings his dreams till morning to the night every day

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I have been working from home since last January. I strongly felt that my weight is slowly increasing daily. I used to check my weight every month and I just realized that I am gradually getting fat.

When I was talking with a group of friends yesterday, they also said that their weights also have increased gradually. So, I realized that it’s not only a problem for me. But, I always go to the mirror to check how my body shape is.

One of my memories

“ I have been battling with overweight and belly fat for over 3 years, but now I am…

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I’m still standing in the middle of the huge forest
The yellow sun rays softly touch the leaf buds every morning
Lush green bushes lay under my feet
They are struggling to see the dazzling sunrays
through the thick canopy

When the little raindrops start touching the leaves
tiny twigs happily dance by moving with the wind
The drizzling rain curtained the lake with blue waters
Suddenly, I saw all the twigs in the trees around me
clapping like the over-enjoyed little ones

The singing birds hastily hide in the soft, warm nests
How free and light the lives in the forest are?
All the strong-armed branches squeeze with fear due to thundering
I saw long golden lines running across the dark sky
It lightens the gloomy forest for a moment
I am still watching the drizzling rain through the high canopy

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Why I am so hot-tempered? Over the last five years, I have come to actualize that, keep myself calm is the best solution for overcoming all the sudden anger outbursts. Getting angry doesn’t show any positive impact on my life. I strongly believe that it sheds a negative light on my personality. Learning how to remain calm in every stressful situation in your life will help you to lead a healthier, better life.

When I lash out in anger, I know it will directly affect the people around me, including my loved ones. They may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, they may…

Image by Aymes

The morning sun began to peep out slowly

Everywhere is covered with little drops of snow

I heard the “shin shin” sound of snow falling

Suddenly I Peeped through the narrow window in the room

to see the breathtaking magic around the home

Yellow, brown, and red-colored leaves spread throughout the yard

The tree behind the house looks so gentle with its handsome branches

It’s amazing!

I heard the soothing and relaxing sound of the little stream

Bluewater is rhythmically flowing down through the small rocks and boulders

The little green twigs bend towards the moving waters

And dances with…

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Fun Experiences in the Physical classroom

Students get bored in online zoom classes because they have to look at a single screen for a longer duration of time and less interaction kills their enthusiasm for the lesson.

In the physical classrooms, learners see others taking notes, reading comprehension, studying the day before the assessments, and it keeps them inspired. In the physical classroom, students can make ugly snaps of their friends till the teacher arrives. All of them seem so fun and engaging. It’s full of happiness.

“Teacher, I completed the assignment but left my notebook at home”, is now…

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The little raindrops add a rhythm to the gloomy evening

I just peep through the window

The sky hides all the vibrant clouds

It isn’t dressed in orange, blue, purple, and pink colors

The dark black clouds bravely conquered the evening sky

The wind blows slowly and asks the dry leaves to fall first

Suddenly, it becomes so violent and rude

All the trees in the garden are whirling, rotating, and screaming

The little cashew fruits start falling one by one

I am wondered

A lush green branch in the mango tree has fallen

I tightly hold my mom’s hand

Sujani Hansanali

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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