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Facebook doesn’t seem to care to stop strangers treating us badly and abusing us

Anyone on Facebook can add you as a friend. If you’d like, you can adjust your settings so only “ Friends of Friends” can send you friend requests. I have always been set for receiving “Friends of Friends” but receive friend requests from many people that I don’t know, dozens and dozens a day that I have to delete every time when I log into the app. Some don’t want “Friends of Friends’ request either. There is no additional privacy setting for this.

Why can’t I just have the option of saying “no one”?

I only want people who are my friends to be able to message me and not strangers. But, you don’t have ability to prevent people you do not know on Facebook from messaging you. …

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A poem 📕

Touch every beautiful heart with his magical pen

catch the happiness and all the wonders of the world

watch the world with his vigilant eyes every morning

match every lovely word he meets

such a romantic writer he is

Every page is like a poem

flowing gorgeously and quietly like a river

showing purity and innocence of the inner mind

giving breath to all the lifeless creatures he meets

what an amazing magician he is

Wait until the silver rays of morning sun kisses his magical pen

his day starts with full of happiness and joy

enjoys every footstep that he makes on the…

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Ranu Mondal (gulfnews.com)

Unexpected moments are worthy ✨

Randoms have the power to change your life and you should have the power to face Randoms.

Have you ever faced a random moment? What was your experience? We can’t plan everything in our life. Sometimes we feel that the Randoms are better than the pre- planned decisions. Randoms can transform someone into a totally different person.

It’s really an unexpected moment.

Life is like a ship. You can’t always sail it freely on the sea. Sometimes, we may have to face the thunderstorms. …

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Photo by Natalie Toombs

A poem ✍

I never thought that I could find

the most beautiful souls from a writing platform

They are the friends without borders

overwhelmed with happiness and joy

gorgeous smiles and creative hands

give breath to all poetic minds

in making the family more interactive

Amy, my first friend on medium

kind-hearted writer with an amazing talent

always admire the new pieces

saying “ nature is my favorite topic”

Stephen, they all actively interact

During 24 hours because of your attempt

to create a charming space for all the writers

without borders

a brilliant writer with gifted skills

Gayle, the skilled poet who is excellent…

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Photo by Benjamin Klaver

A poem

I am still sauntering through the woodlands

decked out in autumn leaves

a dazzling of reds, browns, yellows, and greens

Marple tree turned brightly

and looked handsome with his red tuxedo

I heard, the colors singing around me

Vibrant yellow leaves with morning dew drops

sparkling brightly with the silver rays of sun

the brown leaves swaying and rustling

with the cold, brisk wind

I saw, the woodland is surrounded by

a blanket of golden leaves

and explodes with all Fall colors

nature smiles glamorously

keeping her red lips on the

top of the red autumn leaf

and slowly touches the sparkling…

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Photo by Maria Lysenko

What makes him “Funny” among the others?

An interesting novel by Shyam Selvadurai

“Funny Boy” is a gay young adult novel by Shyam Selvadurai that charts a boy’s loss of innocence as he wrestles with family conflict and political realities and his transgender. It can be introduced as a coming — of age novel that set in Sri Lanka and it belongs to the genre of historical fiction. When the novel begins, the protagonist, Arjun Chelvarathnam, the second son of wealthy Tamil family who is seven years old is being introduced. …

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A cool drop for your sudden outbursts of anger 💡

You have the strength to be calm in every situation that you encounter. Try to control yourself.

Why I am so hot tempered? Over the last five years, I have come to actualize that, keep myself calm is the best solution for overcoming all the sudden anger outbursts. Getting angry doesn’t show any positive impact on my life. I strongly believe that it sheds a negative light for my personality. Learning how to remain calm in every stressful situation in your life will help you to lead a healthier, better life.

When I lash out in anger, I know it will directly affect for the people around me, including my loved ones. They may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, they may react with a hostile response. So, it’s a common problem. As we all know, its impacts may become more dangerous. …

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photo by unspalsh

A poem 👭

Where do you live?

Under the huge sky

which wears the different colors of day and night

Under the shade of the huge tree

with a dark green canopy

where flock of birds living

happily, inside the little nests

Are you walking in the busy streets

which are crowded with the people?

Finding the happiness

from the people who aren’t smiling

Just walk along the blissful streets

where the mind fills with extreme delight

Feel the beauty of the pleasing autumn

sitting under a charming autumn tree

until a beautiful red leaf touches your feet

where the happiness is?

Enjoy the moonlit night

counting the fireflies around you

Who challenges the darkness

Like the glittering stars in the sky

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Photo by Alora Griffiths

Self Improvements 💪

Yeah, I set my alarm on my phone before going to bed. I always thought to leave home few minutes early. Sometimes, I setout everything I need before sleeping. Ultimately, despite every effort I did, I always show up five-ten minutes late for my university lectures or my classes. My family members used to utter this sentence daily. So, it’s so familiar utterance for me.

Ah, you will never be able to get anywhere on time, you are always late.

But I didn’t get it seriously. I was a person who was habitually late for the lectures and classes by about five-ten minutes. …

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Photo by Felix Mittermeier

A poem🏘️

Happy faces and pretty smiles

which are brighter than the morning beams

always a blessing for the town

sunrays timidly peep through the

glittering windowpanes, which are so new

They all get up before the sunrise

Are they busy?

I just walked in the streets of happiness

where the men freely walking

and children are playing and laughing

All the little windows are opened

They are waving their hands through the windows

I heard their warm greetings

The sweet fragrance of the vibrant flowers

mingles with the morning breeze

It’s a small town

Far away from the crowded cities

Are they busy?

They all are walking in the streets of freedom

In a small, untouched town

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