A poem

Photo by John Rodenn Castillo on Unsplash

She is hidden behind the huge dark green forest
Saw the soft clouds floating freely above the mountain
The cascade of blue waters proudly falls down
with the echoing sound

Darkness stands bravely throughout the day in the huge forest
The morning rays timidly kiss the blue waters through the thick…

A poem

Photo by Rich Soul on Unsplash

Softly faded window curtains swayed slightly
I saw a little hummingbird flew swiftly to the sweet nest
Little raindrops softly touched the bright red petals
I saw their bright red lipsticks slowly dissolving with the tiny raindrops

Golden light rays were shining through the half-closed curtains
Brown crunchy leaves were freely…

Image by author

A poem

The vibrant color beams of the tiny candlelight

inside the peaceful Vesak lantern

slowly falls to the calm stream

When the wind touches the stunning lantern,

the white colored long strips of papers start making

the continuous rustling

Though the night is overwhelmed by the darkness and silence,

the little…