A poem

The morning sun began to peep out slowly

Everywhere is covered with little drops of snow

I heard the “shin shin” sound of snow falling

Suddenly I Peeped through the narrow window in the room

to see the breathtaking magic around the home

Yellow, brown, and red-colored leaves spread throughout the yard

The tree behind the house looks so gentle with its handsome branches

It’s amazing!

I heard the soothing and relaxing sound of the little stream

Bluewater is rhythmically flowing down through the small rocks and boulders

The little green twigs bend towards the moving waters

And dances with…

How to keep going on with online classes without getting bored

Fun Experiences in the Physical classroom

Students get bored in online zoom classes because they have to look at a single screen for a longer duration of time and less interaction kills their enthusiasm for the lesson.

In the physical classrooms, learners see others taking notes, reading comprehension, studying the day before the assessments, and it keeps them inspired. In the physical classroom, students can make ugly snaps of their friends till the teacher arrives. All of them seem so fun and engaging. It’s full of happiness.

“Teacher, I completed the assignment but left my notebook at home”, is now…

My experience of the cyclone

The little raindrops add a rhythm to the gloomy evening

I just peep through the window

The sky hides all the vibrant clouds

It isn’t dressed in orange, blue, purple, and pink colors

The dark black clouds bravely conquered the evening sky

The wind blows slowly and asks the dry leaves to fall first

Suddenly, it becomes so violent and rude

All the trees in the garden are whirling, rotating, and screaming

The little cashew fruits start falling one by one

I am wondered

A lush green branch in the mango tree has fallen

I tightly hold my mom’s hand

A poem

Wise daughters make the fathers proud with amazing talents

Open-hearted little souls who are sleeping on father’s lap

Marvelous and endless stories throughout the day, until they go to bed

Adorable, shining smiles and dances with little frocks

Now my daughter hastily comes to hug me with her little doll

Wonderful sisters take care each other

Oh! Sometimes, brothers forget to make their sisters happy

Many little conflicts with siblings, but it’s only for few minutes

An angel who always with your side when you feel sad

Now my sister is waiting to hug me

Worthiest gift in your life…

“Cherish youth, but trust old age”

Lad, I am a man with grey hair now

An old handsome bird with poor eyesight

Still travelling everywhere with my walking stick,

the only partner who consoles me

It bears all the burdens , knows every secret of this old man

Give me your great browny hands

I am yearning to sit under a colorful autumn tree dreaming how big you are

watching all the wonders of life

You wanted to catch every floating autumn leaf when you were a child

You cried, when you missed one

I put you on my shoulders and ran fast with the wind

Easy tips to stay productive

I have been working from home for about a year now. I love this lifestyle though most of my friends found it so difficult. This work style was so strange for me at the very beginning. It tends to increase loneliness compared with my office life.

Working from home is a bit harder than it sounds. Distractions are everywhere. But, it has definitely given me an opportunity to look out in life beyond our works. After four months of experience, I have realized that having a well-designed schedule is more precious.

Working from home

Why do you want to work from home? Some…

Never just exist, live life as your best

I was reading a book called “ The Demon Bride” by Dianna Hardy yesterday evening. I came across a line.

“ He thought he’d lived through everything, only now he did realize he’d merely existed.”

I was wondered for a moment. I just kept the book on my lap. How many times have I heard these two words “ living” and “existing”? It was an interesting question. I wanted to clarify it. Now, my mind is aching for details.

Oscar Wilde once said, “ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”. Living…

A poem on snow falling

I am sitting by a large French window

in a brisk winter’s day

The log fire in the wood stove

radiates its glamor throughout the place

The scent of the fresh snow

and the sound of the crackling woods

arouse all the soft senses for a moment

I close my eyes and take a slow, deep breath

Wonderful! I am feeling light as the soft, white snow

The sense of happiness and relaxation goes throughout the

body from head to tiptoe

I am looking at the glorious stillness of nature

Soft, white snow gently falling to the ground

I see…

Coining new words in English Language

Language reflects how society perceives the world. Sri Lankan English (hereafter SLE) which is identified as a distinct variety of English has a rich vocabulary from English coming into contact with the other languages in Sri Lanka. SLE vocabulary has been enriched by the continuous addition of new words formed through a number of morphological processes. According to Senaratne (2009, p.52), “Sinhala, heavily influences the variety of English spoken in Sri Lanka and ‘Sri Lankan English’ or ‘Lankan English’[1] is used by Sri Lankans who speak English as their first language and Sri Lankans who are bilingual”. This study examines…

A poem

Tiny, white snow drops are falling and it’s so cold

The colorful Christmas tree is smiling brightly

Melissa from Pennysylvania smiles beautifully

and celebrates Christmas with her sweet family

Wish you Merry Christmas, sweet Melissa

The house is filled with the sweet smell of the cookies

She decorates her Christmas tree with vibrant colors

It really looks wonderful

I hope, Amy from Canada will send me a lovely wish

Wish you Merry Christmas, pretty Amy

A writer with a kind and beautiful thoughts

She looks so happy always

Tracy is celebrating Christmas from Michigan

Wish you Merry Christmas…

Sujani Hansanali

Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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